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April 04, 2018
Plastic Surgeons of Lexington has helped people throughout the Bluegrass Region achieve their aesthetic dreams for more than 65 years. Our experienced team of board-certified plastic surgeons has built an enduring reputation for excellence. We… Read Full Post


July 25, 2017
Dermaplaning is one of the top ways to exfoliate your face.  The process of Dermaplaning consists of an aesthetician using a small, sterile blade and swiping the blade upward in a gentle motion. A lot of patients we come across have questions… Read Full Post

Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

July 25, 2017
This is a common question I hear from my patients during a breast augmentation consultation.  First off, you are not alone when it comes to breast asymmetry and there is nothing wrong with your breasts.  In fact the majority of women have… Read Full Post

Facial Rejuvenation Part 4: Chemical Peels

June 14, 2017
Medical grade peels are designed to give you youthful, radiant vibrancy and glow.  They work by inducing accelerated exfoliation to the top layers of skin. However, Chemical Peels are not one size fits all.  We offer a variety of different… Read Full Post

Facial Rejuvenation Part 3: Botox and Fillers

June 07, 2017
Often times we find patients can benefit from using Botox, Dysport, or other fillers. These fillers can help dramatically improve the look of your skin and help you have a more youthful appearance.  In some cases, when combined with Chemical… Read Full Post

Facial Rejuvenation Part 2: DOT Laser Skin Therapy

May 23, 2017
When it comes to Facial Rejuvenation, it’s no surprise that our patients want healthy, younger looking skin.  Since the face is one of the first things people notice, having fine lines, sun spots, dull skin tone, or acne scaring can be very… Read Full Post

Facial Rejuvenation Part 1: Face Lift

May 18, 2017
Visible signs of aging can be very difficult to conceal- especially on our face.  If your face is showing visible signs of wrinkling or sagging along you cheeks and/or jawline, you may be a candidate for a facelift.   Although there… Read Full Post

Facial Rejuvenation Month!

May 08, 2017
What is Facial Rejuvenation?  Facial Rejuvenation is a Cosmetic Treatment or series of treatments, which aim to restore a youthful appearance in the facial area.  Both surgical and non-surgical treatments can be used to achieve this.… Read Full Post

Tired Look

March 06, 2017
Let‘s face it, as we get older our face starts to show our age.  Sometimes, we are genuinely tired, but sometimes we look tired even when we are not.  Has someone ever said to you, “You look tired today.”  Well, mama says if you can’t… Read Full Post


February 27, 2017
There is something to be said for long, beautiful lashes.  Not only do they accentuate the eye area, but they can also give you the appearance of an overall brighter look. Maybe you have always had thin lashes or short and unnoticeable lashes… Read Full Post