Scar Revision

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keloid scar on woman's shoulderScar formation is a normal function of the human body. In its simplest description, it is the body’s global response to injury. Not only does it occur at the level of the skin, but also in other parts of the body subject to injury, such as the heart secondary to coronary artery disease.

Scar formation is a very complex process involving many factors. It can occur in a normal fashion, or it can occur in an abnormal one often described as overexuberant. It is these latter types of scars that plastic surgeons typically encounter; they are termed either hypertrophic scars or keloid scars.

Types of Overexuberant Scars

Hypertrophic scars are widened, but exist within the confines of the initial site of injury. Keloid scars exist outside that area and can grow quite large. The underlying cause of these abnormal types of scars is quite different, and in the case of keloids includes a genetic component. As a result, keloid scars require additional treatment above and beyond surgery by such measures as steroids, silicone gel sheeting, and sometimes radiation.

Hypertrophic scars, on the other hand, are often caused by improper closure technique. These types of scars can often be improved by simple excision and closure based on basic plastic surgery principles and technique. Postoperatively, modalities such as gentle massage, silicone gel sheeting, and sometimes steroids have been shown to improve the final outcome of the scar.

Treatment for Scarring

These intra-operative and post-operative interventions are well known to board-certified plastic surgeons. As such, if you are concerned about the appearance of a scar, particularly in a highly visualized area such as the face, it is imperative then that you seek out advice from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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